Helping Georgia hotel owners attract more guests.offer EV money.

A program offering free electrical infrastructure upgrades for qualified properties that want to offer EV charging.
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Charge Up GA Hotels Program

A special grant that provides qualified hotel properties with free electrical infrastructure upgrades to accommodate EV charging solutions now and in the future.

Free Electrical Upgrades

Qualified properties can recieve a complete electrical infrastructure upgrade to accommodate the installation of Electrical Vehicle chargers.
  • Free Consultation

    Receive a free review and design consultation regarding EV charging at your hotel. Talk with our expert team about demand, local conditions, potential solutions, and recommended best practices.

  • Free Design Services

    Our partners will work with you to design and permit the necessary electrical upgrades. All design costs are including in the infrastructure grant program, so no cost to you.

  • Free Construction

    Take advantage of the program to get your electrical infrastructure upgraded for EV charging at no cost to you. Our partners complete all the work necessary to bring power to the chargers.

  • Discounted Chargers

    All that is left is hooking up the chargers. As part of this program, Stay-N-Charge is offering a 10% discount on standard subscription rates for our Charging-as-a-Service.

We provide grants and discounts to help hotel properties offer EV charging.

This special program makes it more cost effective for hospitality locations to install and maintain an EV charging system. Select properties will qualify for free installation of the power infrastructure to support charging needs now and into the future. As part fo the program, Stay-N-Charge will coordinate the electrical work and install our Premium Charging-as-a-Service solution at a discounted rate.
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Connect with one of our Hospitality Managers to see how this program can save you money and help you attract more EV drivers.

The Stay-N-Charge Advantage

Stay-N-Charge is the Hospitality EV Charging Network. We offer a wide array of solutions that help our hotel partners offer guest EV charging without all the headaches.

Easy as WiFi!


Low Cost Installation

Charging-as-a-Services saves upfront and maintenance costs.


24/7 Support

We provide your guests with the support they need and a charge guarantee.


Hassle-free Solution

Our charging solutions are completely managed and maintained by us.


Flexible Fee Options

Flexible fee options put you in control of how you charge your guests.

Helping hospitality locations offer EV charging for their guests

We work with our hotel partners to develop, install, manage, and promote the best EV charging solution for their property. With a wide array of solutions we build a solution that maximizes ROI.
  • Lower Cost of Installation
  • Fully Managed Solution
  • Charger Access Control
  • Flexible Fee Options

What are the program requirements?

The primary requirement for the Charge Up GA Hotels program is the property must be serviced by Georgia Power to qualify for the full infrastructure package. Properties serviced by other utility companies can still qualify for the Stay-N-Charge discount and may have other options available.

Can I purchase chargers outright and still qualify?

Yes, you do not have to opt for the Charging-as-a-Service plan to qualify for the free infrastructure. However, the same amount of discount from Stay-N-Charge does not apply to the purchase price.

Does it matter what type of chargers are installed?

Yes, the chargers must be Level 2 AC chargers or DC Fast chargers.

How does the process work?

Our team will work with you to determine the best solution for your property. Once we have decided on the charging solution, we will work with you to submit the application for the infrastructure work. Once approved, the power company will do all the upgrade work and notify us when they are ready for chargers to be installed. Once we install the chargers, your guests are ready to charge up.

We'd love to disucss this program with you

Our hospitality team is ready to help you save money and start offering EV charging!

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