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Hassle-free EV charging solutions for the hospitality industry.
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Stay-N-Charge the Hospitality EV Charging Network.


Low Cost Installation

Charging-as-a-Services saves upfront and maintenance costs.


24/7 Support

We provide your guests with the support they need and a charge guarantee.


Hassle-free Solution

Our charging solutions are completely managed and maintained by us.


Flexible Fee Options

Flexible fee options put you in control of how you charge your guests.

Helping hospitality locations offer EV charging for their guests

We work with our hotel partners to develop, install, manage, and promote the best EV charging solution for their property. With a wide array of solutions we build a solution that maximizes ROI.
  • Lower Cost of Installation
  • Fully Managed Solution
  • Charger Access Control
  • Flexible Fee Options

We provide partners with tailored EV charging solutions

With a variety of solutions we can design and install an EV charging solution that fits your needs. We work hand in hand with out partners to determine the best combination for their particular property.
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We do hospitality! Connect with one of our Hospitality Managers to get started offering EV charging to your guests.

How does Charging-as-a-Service work?

Charging-as-a-Service is a subscription-based solution. You pay an annual subscription fee for your chargers. We install, manage, maintain, and provide 24/7 support for the system and your guests.

Can I purchase chargers outright?

Yes, we also allow customers to pay for the chargers in full upfront and then pay the annual subscription for any maintenance and management chargers they select.

Do the chargers work on any EV?

Yes, we install J-1772 standard chargers. The majority of vehicles use the same configuration for charging. EVs that do not have the J-1772 plug standard come equipped with adaptors that allow them to use our chargers.

How does the process work?

We work with you to design the right solution. Once we determine your system, we assist in getting the infrastructure prepared. After the site is ready, we install the chargers, network them, and your system is up and running.

We'd love to talk about your EV charging solution

Our hospitality team is ready to help you get started offering this latest must-have amenity!

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